Speak to a Human not a Computer!

Look we understand that talking to an Insurance Adviser is right up there with going to the Dentist or visiting the Bank Manager. Painful!

And yes there are plenty of ads out there that promise that you can now do it all online and in less than 20 minutes. But really when it comes to protecting your health and wellbeing and that of your family should it be that easy? Wouldn’t it be prudent to put in just a little more time and effort to comprehensively safeguard your future?

At FutureCare maybe we’re a little old fashioned because we believe that it certainly helps if you actually talk to a real live human being! And one who specializes in giving insurance advice!

We know, it all sounds a bit revolutionary and ‘out there’ but give us 5 minutes and we’ll tell you our approach. Here is the nuts and bolts:

At FutureCare we provide our clients (or friends as many of them have become) with access to a diverse range of Life, Risk and Medical policies available in the New Zealand market place.

Simply put, we know how Kiwi’s think and what Kiwi’s need when it comes to protecting their existing lifestyle from future disasters.

We specialise in all aspects of risk insurance. These include:

1. Medical Insurance, both family plans and group schemes.
2. Income Protection, Agreed Value and Indemnity Plans.
3. Life Insurance, both Rate for Age and Level Premium.
4. Trauma cover. Total & Permanent Disability. Mortgage Protection.
5. Key Person cover. Buy-Sell Life cover. Business Overheads cover.

Here’s a newsflash people, insurance isn’t getting any cheaper. And the products on offer are also becoming increasingly complex in nature. We should know, we spend about a gazillion hours a year at various road shows, product launches and training sessions just to keep on top of what is available in the market place. (At least we often get free sandwiches and coffees at these training sessions though!)

The point is we live and breathe insurance so you don’t have to. It is therefore essential that you speak to an advisor who is a specialist in their field, because with the premiums you pay you deserve the very best advice you can get and to know exactly what you are and are not covered for.

You need an advisor who can help you navigate your way through an application form. An advisor who will help to ensure that everything runs smoothly at claim time. An advisor who will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An advisor who can help you review your insurance needs on an annual basis and who doesn’t want to sell you a product every time they see you.

These are the commitments we make to our client’s; we really are the people that make insurance easy.


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