ACC can be a bit of a minefield and is confusing at the best of times. Luckily for you we specialize in restructuring ACC levies, taking the guess work out of the equation and giving you more ‘bang for your buck.’

Up until recently if you and your partner split your income for tax purposes both people were classified under the one code.
For example:
Aaron has a lawn mowing business and he and his partner Kim split their income Aaron $50,000 Kim $25,000. Kim does the admin work for the company. Until recently they were both classified with levies payable under ‘Gardening & turf management services.’
Aaron’s classification and levies will be based on ‘Garden & turf management services’ and Kim can be classified under ‘office administrative services’
•    This will see a likely reduction in Kim’s levies
•    We can lodge a claim with ACC to have the difference in Kim’s levies for last 4 years credited to her ACC account
•    You may be able to save a further 10% discount through the ACC work place safety discount and I can work with you to get further information on the ACC workplace rebate scheme to assist you in further reducing your ACC.
If you are self employed & do not receive a regular PAYE salary we need to sit down & discuss the options available to you:
•    How we can reduce your personal ACC levies
•    How we can structure your ACC cover
•    Supplement that with extra benefits & cover
•    Give you more certainty at the time of a claim

Some questions you need to consider:
•    What will I receive if I have an injury?
•    Is my present level of cover enough or too much?
•    What will the effect on my business & family be if I am unable to work due to illness or accident?
•    Can I apply for discounts with my ACC cover?
•    Am I using the correct business description code?

Income Protection or Living Assurance or Loan Repayment cover gives you cover in the event of illness which is something ACC does not cover. We encourage self employed business owners to look towards other options such as Living Assurance or Income Protection as comprehensive solutions which can provide peace of mind to know that financially you will be covered in the event of illness.
Cover plus Extra combined with Income Protection or Living Assurance or Loan Repayment cover ensures you are provided for financially if an injury or illness prevents you from working.


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