FAQ’s-What people like to know

[sws_toggle1 title=”When will my insurance plan begin?”]

Most companies will guarantee automatic acceptance once a policy has been through underwriting and the client has signed off their acceptance of the terms and conditions. If you have current insurance in place we do recommend not cancelling your cover until the new policy has been approved and accepted.


[sws_toggle1 title=”Does it make sense to review my cover annually and consider different providers?”]

It ALWAYS makes sense to shop around, and it may make sense to replace your Life insurance or Health insurance policy if your health has improved since taking up cover, you’ve given up smoking or your premiums have increased sharply.


[sws_toggle1 title=”What is the purpose of Life insurance?”]

Life, Trauma and Income Protection are all tools you can use to minimize the financial impact in the event of death or disablement. Life insurance can be used to provide for the loss of future income in the event of an untimely death. It allows the surviving owner of the life policy to pay any major debt, meet financial responsibilities and take care of any educational needs that a young family may have.

Businesses can use Life cover to minimize the loss of a partner and ensure a smooth transition of ownership from the deceased’s estate to the surviving business partners, helping the business survive and jobs retained.

[sws_toggle1 title=”Who will own the Life insurance policy?”]

You can have more than one person own a life policy. You can also apportion a percentage of the plan to designated beneficiaries. Trusts and businesses can also own Life policies.


[sws_toggle1 title=”Must I pay a fee to an independent Advisor?”]

No. An insurance advisor is paid via commission from the insurance companies. No additional fees are added to your insurance premium, nor is a fee required to book a review. We are happy to review your portfolio free of charge; we concentrate on giving advice first and sales later. That is our principle difference at FutureCare. We are NOT sales people, we are insurance advisors.


[sws_toggle1 title=”Can I look elsewhere if my initial application is declined?”]

Absolutely. As we deal with a wide variety of insurance companies we can always shop around on your behalf. What insurers will and will not cover does differ from company to company and we can help guide you though that process.

If there is a question you would like to know that we haven’t answered above just flick us an e-mail to contactus@futurecare.co.nz. We love questions so keep them coming!


[sws_toggle1 title=”Why should I use a FutureCare insurance Adviser?”]

Well primarily because we are not employed by any one insurance company. Some brokerages are heavily aligned to certain insurance companies and when purchasing cover through the bank you only get the choice of one provider.

At FutureCare our priority is with our clients. We are free to match our client’s needs with the appropriate products.


[sws_toggle1 title=”We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ insurance plans.”]

Only once we have identified your specific needs and goals will we recommend a product and provider for you. Often we will furnish you with more than one choice of provider so that you as a client feel comfortable you are receiving genuine choice of options.



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