Professional Advisory Services

Professional Advisory Services

The information we provide is always unbiased and provided to you to help you make an informed decision as you compare options from various Health and Life providers.

Information is King! We strive to make you a better-informed consumer, to aid you in your quest to find the best cover, not to mention helping to make you aware of the fine print in your policies. There is no such thing as a stupid question and we encourage you to ask a ton of ‘em.

We want you to be crystal clear as to the cover you are purchasing, both the advantages and the disadvantages. In our opinion it is better to know these things up front than deal with a nasty surprise at claim time.
Sometimes our insurance professionals will advise you that it is best to maintain your current coverage, rather than change to a different insurer. Yep you did read right. You see we believe that risk insurance is about advice first and sales second. Change is only good if it leaves the customer in a better position and not a bulge in the advisors back pocket. Don’t worry about us though, we’ve found as long as you give good advice the sales take care of themselves (another one of our revolutionary ideas!)

So go ahead and use our FREE professional services to review your existing policy. That way you’ll know if you’ve got the right cover with the right provider for the right situation.


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