Rural/Farmer’s Protection

Rural/Farmer’s Protection

Farming and agriculture have long played a special part in the economy of New Zealand. And now more than ever farming is a growth industry in this country.

However as businesses grow so do the financial complexities surrounding them and farming is unique in what the requirements are for farmer’s who need to claim lost income.

Traditional Indemnity or Agreed value plans may not be sufficient to meet these needs. Luckily there is now an array of Agribusiness products available to meet these needs.

Is it as simple as claiming lost income? Would it be better to insure against the turnover of the business? Farm consultancy and replacement labour benefits are now also available.

And how can we structure our ACC levy to work in with our Business insurances?

These are all relevant questions and ones that need to be answered. Remember there is nothing thing worse than paying for premiums only to find out you’ve got the wrong cover.

Let’s have a chat about what we can do for you so that in a time of illness or injury selling the family farm doesn’t have to be your only option.


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