Business Cover

Business Cover

Going into business is one of the great Kiwi dreams! The last thing you want is to see that dream (and hard work) go down the drain due to an unforeseen illness or accident.

To start, build and run a business takes time, hard work and dedication. What you don’t want is too see everything you’ve worked so hard for to crumble due to an unexpected illness or accident to a key member of staff or one of the business owners themselves.

Let’s face it, we all think the worst will never happen to us but at the same time we bet you all know someone it’s happened to. The non-smoking, non-drinking marathon runner who has a sudden heart attack at 43. Sound familiar?

Should you suffer such a disability as a business owner the implications can be far reaching, not just for you but for the other partners in your business or the staff you employ.

Business insurance can be a complex in deciding what kind of cover you need and whom needs to be covered the most. The good news is we can do most of the work and worrying for you.

The list of products at a business owner’s disposal is varied and growing all the time. they can include:

Life policies with buy/sell agreements. Key Person Cover. Start-Up Income Protection. Agreed and Indemnity Income Protection. Business Overheads Cover, Group Health and Life plans. 

Let an adviser show you how to best utilize these policies to establish what type of plan best suits your business needs. We are also happy to liaise with your accountant to ensure that your business insurances works in with your financial plan.

It will take a little time, but can your business really afford to not have this cover in place?


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