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Life insurance is often the foundation that the rest of our risk portfolio is built upon. Calculating how much Life insurance someone needs is an imperfect process and there are consequences to being either underinsured or over-insured.

By sitting down with our clients and talking through their goals and aims can help us to get the best fix on how much cover they may require.

Who needs life insurance?

Whichever stage of life you are at there is a real possibility that you’ll need some level of cover. If you have family or loved ones whom depend on you for financial support, or even if you’re the homemaker whom provides the child care, home maintenance and day to day living then there are financial implications to your passing away prematurely.
Older couples may choose to take cover to ensure their surviving spouse has money to pay bills and live in retirement comfortably without the hassles and stresses of the rising cost of living, medical care and homecare.

Even individuals with substantial assets may choose to take cover in order to pass on their wealth to following generations, family or friends.

Although it may be the most straightforward of all risk insurance products there are still many different varieties of Life cover that you can take. Rate for age, 10 year premium freeze, and Level Term premium are all products worth considering. Do you need a CPI benefit or not? Is future insurability a concern?

These are all things a good advisor should run through with you, explaining the advantages and cost benefits associated with all the above options.

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