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Everyone is aware of the rising cost of private medical cover. However, everyone is also aware of the rising waiting lists to gain access into public hospitals for operations and tests. Finding affordable medical plans are getting harder and harder. Finding out which plan is best for you comes down to determining what you want from your medical plan.

Although cost is naturally a prime concern it shouldn’t be the overriding factor when choosing your medical cover. You need a plan that covers the newest medical procedures, a plan that gives you freedom to access the specialist or surgeon of your choice, and an insurer that has a great record at claims time. Does your plan cover non-Pharmac subsidised drugs?

Striking the appropriate balance between taking the right cover and balancing the premiums is something that requires careful consideration.

Taking out a larger excess or choosing hospital only cover are 2 options to discuss with an advisor when deciding which cover to proceed with.

It is advisable to purchase health cover when you are fit and healthy. Why? Because this way you can get the best terms possible. Even though you may not be in perfect health it is always worth taking the time to talk an advisor to see what options are available. Certain plans will take on some pre-existing conditions after a stand down period.
Some plans will give a discount for combining your Life and health cover together. Other plans will only charge you a premium for your first child on your health plan (the rest are free.)

It is also important to understand how your excess works, they do differ from provider to provider. Don’t wait to be caught out at claim time.

In New Zealand we have a rapidly aging population. With this aging population comes an increasing demand on our public services most notably our health system. Waiting lists which in the past have mainly been limited to elective surgeries are now expanding out to specialists, diagnostic tests and even more serious illnesses such as cancer treatments.

These problems continue to grow as the Public Health System continues to grapple with rising costs and dwindling budgets.

Most people will happily spend several hours planning their annual holiday. It is a more than valuable investment to spend an hour with one of our advisors to ensure you have the right health cover to provide you with control, cashflow and certainty during a major illness.

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