Speak to a Human, not a Computer!

Look we understand that talking to an Insurance Adviser is right up there with going to the Dentist or visiting the Bank Manager. Painful!

And yes there are plenty of ads out there that promise that you can now do it all online and in less than 20 minutes. But really when it comes to protecting your health and wellbeing and that of your family should it be that easy? Wouldn’t it be prudent to put in just a little more time and effort to comprehensively safeguard your future?

At FutureCare maybe we’re a little old-fashioned because we believe that it certainly helps if you actually talk to a real live human being! And one who specializes in giving insurance advice!

We specialise in all aspects of risk insurance. These include:

  1. Medical Insurance, both family plans and group schemes.
  2. Income Protection, Agreed Value and Indemnity Plans.
  3. Life Insurance, both Rate for Age and Level Premium.
  4. Trauma cover. Total & Permanent Disability. Mortgage Protection.
  5. Key Person cover. Buy-Sell Life cover. Business Overheads cover.

The point is we live and breathe insurance so you don’t have to. It is therefore essential that you speak to an advisor who is a specialist in their field because, with the premiums you pay, you deserve the very best advice you can get and to know exactly what you are and are not covered for.

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You need an advisor who can help you navigate your way through an application form. An advisor who will help to ensure that everything runs smoothly at claim time. An advisor who will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An advisor who can help you review your insurance needs on an annual basis and who doesn’t want to sell you a product every time they see you.

These are the commitments we make to our client’s; we really are the people that make insurance easy.

Personal Insurance


Having your own personal Risk Management Plan prepared by an experienced adviser is the foundation of managing the inevitable financial risks life throws at us.


Having a well thought through Personal and Family Protection Plan is the heart of any good financial risk management. Find out more about your cover options and how we can help you with your own risk management plan.

Business Insurance


Key People are the heart of any business and cash flow is the lifeblood. Talk to us about keeping your cash flow protected and how to reduce ACC Levies.


Protecting your business with key person cover and business overheads may mean the success or failure of your business when the unforeseen happens. It will all depend on what you do now to manage potential risks.

Bryce Wilson has been our Insurance Consultant and Risk Adviser for the past 7 years. Bryce’s professionalism, reliability, work ethic and passion to provide a great service are second to none.

From our initial meeting with Bryce, he has always ensured that we have the most appropriate insurance cover, tailored to the needs of our family. The advice that Bryce gives is sound and sensible.

When we have had to seek out an insurance claim in the past, Bryce has promptly been there as our advocate and has helped us navigate our way through the claiming process. Bryce is a fantastic person to deal with – he has a great sense of humour and genuinely cares about his clients and how he can provide them with the best possible service.

Bryce, you are a Legend!

Dr Cheri Hotu + Dr Mike Nicholls. Auckland, New Zealand

Bryce Wilson of Futurecare has been our broker for the past couple of years. We have found his advice clear, concise and made the complex world of insurance easy to understand.

Nothing has been too big an ask for Bryce. He was great to deal with in setting up our insurance and come claim time the process has been seamless. His motto ‘customer first’ has been outstanding & I would not hesitate to recommend Bryce’s services to anyone.

Murray Benns, Beachlands, Auckland.