Who has the best medical insurance will depend on the benefits you are looking for in your cover.  In my opinion, one of the main criteria is where medical insurance will pay for Non-Pharmac subsidised drug treatment. For example, in today’s’ modern society new innovative drugs are being developed to help treat cancer, and some of the new drugs help those who are undergoing cancer treatment, but unless Pharmac subsidises the new drugs, they are far too expensive for most individuals.  Medical insurance could make the difference between life or death.

So who has the best medical insurance?

Most major medical insurers will pay for Non-Pharmac drug treatment, but the amounts they will pay up to per year may be different. Some will pay more per year than others. This is where you need to do your homework, or seek a professional adviser who will already know and can explain the fine print to you, and the fine print will determine whether you do get paid, and if so how much will the insurer pay. When it comes to who has the best medical insurance, it will be in the fine print it is so easy not to get into such detail, but it’s the details that matter.

Why have medical insurance?

There are so many other benefits and reasons why you should have private medical insurance, such as avoiding waiting lists, being able to get treatment fast, so it does not affect your household income.  Think for a moment; you need a hip replacement and your work hours reduced because of your hip, how would this affect your household? Would your reduced income get supplemented by ACC? What if your hip is a degenerative condition? If you have a degenerative condition, you will most likely not be covered by ACC because degenerative conditions are not an accident and become a very grey area.

Medical insurance affordability

Private medical insurance is affordable, especially if you keep it to having Base Hospital Cover with an excess option.  Of course, if you can afford to have the whole family covered, then you should, but at the very least, you should have the primary income earner covered. If you are going to get private cover and want the best medical insurance make sure you contact us and we can provide the right advice and choices from New Zealand’s’ best medical insurers. best medical insurance