Cancer Care

Cancer Care can be a long hard road for patients, families and friends, as well as those who provide the care in our public and private health sectors. It is good news that our government is looking to provide a National Cancer Agency with $10M to establish the agency and a further $10M to get work underway, but is that enough. Looking at the basic math with $20M is that going to make a substantial difference to the people who need the care when compared to the government who has earmarked $370M for DHB bailouts.

Funding shortfalls and lack of independence could prevent New Zealand’s new cancer agency from lift off, experts warn – stalling the fight to save hundreds of lives each year. Pre-election, Labour promised $10 million to establish a national cancer agency and a further $10m to get work under way. Nearly two years later, in September, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Health Minister David Clark announced plans to set up the national agency by December 1. NZ Herald 12th November 2019

A dedicated agency specialising in cancer care is the right step to help many New Zealanders who suffer from cancer.  Most of us know someone who has battled cancer and has won and lost or is undergoing treatment now. Apart from these types of specialists agencies and the public health system in general, what options do we have for cancer treatment and care?

Health Funding Shortfalls

Unfortunately to get the better cancer treatment and care, may come down to money. Your treatment will be taxpayer-funded, privately funded, or insurer funded and at some stage, it will come down how much funding (money) is available. It would be wise to consider making up for any financial shortfall you encounter if ever you needed such specialist treatment and care. Trauma Cover/Cancer Cover is an affordable insurance solution where you can get paid a lump sum payment if you were to suffer from a serious illness such as cancer. The insurer will pay your insured amount to help with medical care and treatment costs, but you can use that money for whatever you want.  You could use it to get the latest in cancer drugs that may not be subsidised by PHARMAC or get some private home care, or maybe replace that lost household income if you had to stop work.

Insurance is just money, paid to you when you need it most.

Most insurers have some form of cancer cover, but they are not all equal. It’s the fine print and policy definitions that can make the difference on whether you get paid and if so, how much. You need to get it right and get trauma cover from an adviser who can offer more choices and explain the differences to you. If you have any questions about trauma cover or private medical insurance, please contact us anytime. cancer care